• SavvyBI

    A simple way to understand energy

  • Worry less about energy.

    SavvyBI works as an early warning system against bill shock.
    We quietly watch in the background and can identify in advance potential energy problems and opportunities.

  • We connect the dots.

    One application, a complete energy overview,
    continuous integration features, ease of automation, simple pricing, and an API,
    SavvyBI is bringing energy closer to consumers than ever before.

  • Simplified Execution

    SavvyBI data handlers extract, receive and collect data from 
    multiple sources for advanced analysis.

  • Disruptive Technology

    Using machine learning and traditional techniques
    we detect any issues in realtime, and learn what’s the best strategy to prevent them in the future.

  • Full Alerts & Notifications

    When we discover issues or optimisations we notify you and point you to a recommendation on how to work on it, otherwise we don't disturb you.

  • SavvyBI

    Using SavvyBI is like having a friendly energy team in your business.
    It quietly monitors your energy behaviours in the background and only requires your attention when something needs actioning.