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Our Mission is to democratise energy data through simplicity.
From the companies who are working with the next generation of energy products, to businesses with standard energy bills, SavvyBI is the energy management platform to monitor, manage and reduce your energy cost and increase you renewable commitment.

Not just another energy software company

We’re on an epic quest to democratise energy data and make it more accessible and approachable regardless of how much you know about the energy industry.

Day to day energy consumption is usually not at the top of your priority list, and we get that, we really do. We are working extremely hard on making sure it stays that way until something happens.


We don’t tie you into contracts, and we require virtually no upfront investment to get running. All you have to do is gives us access to your meter data, we will run it across your systems, and you are set. If something happens, we find you and tell you how to fix it. We help you grow your energy awareness without being intrusive.


If our artificially intelligent engine notices suspicious behaviour or finds known energy issues that affect your facilities, we tell you right away and give you a recommendation. We also explain what the recommendation does so you can decide what to do. 


If you want a complete business intelligence platform to monitor and integrate your energy consumption to everyday business operations, or if you are thinking about leveraging from your energy portfolio, we got you too.

Because we are not only building the most advanced energy management software in the world, we also understand energy, you can see it in our current Energy Management software options.

Energy can be complex,
but managing a Energy Management product shouldn't be.

Our Philosophy.

Energy Management and Energy Efficiency don’t have to be opaque and adversarial. It’s not about fear-mongering, but rather about understanding that energy management is a strong differentiator to any business.


Our products empower you to deal with energy issues as if they were any other issues.  We help you prepare, we help you identify the problems and opportunities, prioritise them, fix them, make sure they don’t happen again and move on.

WHo we are


We are a creative & technical team, passionate about changing the future of Energy Management.






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We would love to hear from you. You can open an instant chat with one of the SavvyBI team or put your name down for early bird access

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