Learn all you need about our SavvyBI, Energy Made Simple

A simple way, Energy Management done right!

SavvyBI quietly watches the energy activity of your sites and alerts you to anything needing your attention.

Understand. Identify. Respond.


Understand Everything. Identify Problems & Opportunities.
Respond Quickly.

SavvyBI’s main goal is not allowing you to see everything, but to understand everything that matters. Understanding the energy signals you are receiving is the key. Identifying whether it’s good or bad, normal or alarming. SavvyBI highlights any problems & opportunities and gives you clear steps on how to deal with them.


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Energy, Simplified.

By focusing on great design and user experience we have created a energy product that can be used by everyone. Best of all, you don’t need any previous energy knowledge to use SavvyBI. We are making enterprise level energy management available to all.

Understand everything.
Clear communication.

Energy can often be confusing. Complicated language and dense reports don’t help that. Our goal is to help you understand everything, no matter how technically complex it may be. Get clear, simple human language reports that you can easily understand.

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Real time analysis.
Live Alerts.

When something strange does happen, you will receive live alerts notifying you of the warning and the scan pages turn to red alert. You can set up notifications in many different ways.

Know how to respond.
Clear actionable steps.

Once you have been alerted to the problem or opportunity, SavvyBI provides you with clear steps and recommendations on how to deal with it. We often supply real-world solutions you need to act on them.

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Complex made simple.

Yes, energy is complex – however using a energy product doesn’t need to be. Too often energy products are very complex and confusing. Our goal at SavvyBI is to take complex information and make it simple, beautiful even.

We got what you need, in addition to our hand off anomaly detection system we provide you with exploratory standard and custom report so you can have a central source of true for all you energy need. Use them to show how much you’ve saved using SavvyBI and look like a rock star among your boss and your peer, even to brag among friend, we help you do that too ! 

Cost Management

Financial Year is that time of the year when businesses look at the performance and opportunities, Energy is a significant factor and will become more and more important as your business grows.

That’s why we built the Cost Management Module with flexibility in mind, this module compares actual vs budget, cost outlook and other valuable cost metrics.

Invoice Verification

Invoice is still the standard in the energy industry, we make it easy for you to validate, track and review the charges from the lowest cost components.

We use raw meter data with the tariff definitions to ensure businesses are correctly invoiced by the retailer.

Every time you receive a new invoice using our report to check our calculation for the same period, even more, you can use it on demand through the billing period to make sure you don’t get any billing shock.

Site Management

The report is a one-stop for all sites, is a centralised “source of truth” connecting multiples sources of data to one simple easy-to-use Hub.

Businesses can find all sorts of energy information here (retailer agreements, business attributes, network details, energy invoices, etc..)

Network Tariff Review

A great starting point to start your cost minimisation journey is a Network Tariff Review (NTR).

The standard NTR is performed once a year per site when the network tariffs are released by the distribution businesses, the NTR service finds the lowest eligible regulated network tariff for you.

We do the NTR’s before the actual network tariff becomes effective. So businesses can start saving from the day they are active.


Our proactive service is set to maximise the opportunity to lower your cost for the following year(s). We give you a list of the potential benefits and tariff alternatives for each site, and show simple and clearly where the savings are.


Cost Forecasting

We not only help you manage your energy cost, But We also assist you in understanding it’s impact moving forward.


Combining industry best practices including & known variables with a forecast of the unknown variables we create a bottom-up report. Using our report you can understand the cost breakdown and compare across fuels, states, business groups and sites.



Cost Outlook

Do you need a regularly updated end-of-the-year and beyond report?  Then this is the tool for you, updated as invoices and metadata are received, the data we store for you is combined with forward-looking forecast and give you early insights to the likelihood of the business reaching hr end-of-year budget.


Wait that’s is not all! Our unique probabilistic spot price and forward forecasting models combined with forecasted network price generate a longer-term (e.g. 3 years, 5 years) cost outlook, super useful for business managing cost expectations amongst business stakeholders.

Environmental Certificates

Want to become more sustainable, install roof-top solar, self-surrender LGCs or buy additional LGCs above the mandatory target?

That’s a lot in a question, but if you do, we track certificates prices for all these reasons. Stay informed of market prices and opportunities

Forward Market

The best practices for managing costs: is to track the current forward market price beyond the existing retail agreement.

Our modules continuously monitor the prevailing forward market, combined with our spot forecasting module, and you will be able to assess the values proposition of hedging now, versus later.

Spot Price

Understanding the wholesale market price is essential for organisations to monitor given its vital role in the procurement process for organisations. Whether it relates to feed-in tariffs, pool pass-through, generation export or simply re-contracting, the wholesale market price affects all users within the market.

Our module allows you to analyse prices at different resolutions all the way down to 30min starting from 1999.



In the event, there is worth activity on your meters we send you an alert. Alerts contain details about the problem and clear steps on how to resolve the issue.


Artificial Intelligence

We distill complex machine learning concepts such as artificial neural networks, anomaly detection and ensemble learning into consumable and actionable information.



SavvyBI provides you with tips to improve your energy strategy, better operations, tariff and market news so you are prepared for anything.


Business Authority Validation

We use both cutting edge and industry standard techniques for identifying the account owner. We make sure the right person access the right data.



We host a working copy of your meter data. It doesn't matter how big is it, we got your back.



SavvyBI provides you with the full suite of solutions to manage energy problems from start to finish.



We are also acutely aware that your operations and engineering people might have tools they already use. Which is why we allow you to integrate with existing tools.



Our aim goal is to make it easy for you the user, so we are constantly listening and asking for feedback an how to make it easier for you.
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